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Who we are and what we do

Ian Adnams, Principal Consultant

Adnams Group is headed by our principal consultant Ian Adnams. For more than 35 years Ian has worked in all areas of communication from TV, radio and video production to print and most recently in online video and social media. An award-winning writer and producer, he has also facilitated strategic planning sessions with non-profit organizations, helping them discover their direction and improve their governance.

In addition, Adnams Group is experienced in event planning whether a small conference or an international tour.

Adnams Group adds Ian’s experience and creativity to the technical and artistic skills of a dynamic team capable of serving clients from project concept to final evaluation.

In each endeavour, Adnams Group’s goal is to combine creative thinking with strategic direction to produce the highest levels of engagement with customers, participants, support constituencies, stakeholders and leaders.


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  1. Gord

    Looks really good! Bravo!

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