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  1. Peter McLeod

    As a former member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Moncton, NB, I am aware of some of your works.
    I am now with All Saints Anglican Church in Fredericton, NB.
    We are in need of increasing our congregation – isn’t every church? – to keep it alive.
    A sister church at Durham Bridge, NB, was recently closed.
    Our rector is presently doing the Web site by himself, I believe.
    Any help in keeping us in the news media would be welcome.

    Peter McLeod
    Skype peter.mcleod88

  2. Jim Coggins

    John Longhurst’s book Making the News was very helpful in showing non-profits how to get free publicity by being newsworthy. The principles are still valid, although that book was published before the social media explosion.

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